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My name is Vivian…a confessed fabric junkie! I've done most types of sewing and handcrafts, knitting, crochet, beading and painting. With so many creative interests…there's just no telling which direction the shop might go.  After twenty-six years as a fabric designer for an American woolen mill, I retired to start UnBiased with the freedom to travel and participate in quilting, sewing, appliqué and embroidery shows. I recently moved back to the South to be nearer family and my sister and I joined our businesses into a new company: Gardensong Fabrics LLC. We are finally open in our new shop. Easily found just 5 miles east of I-55 and 1 mile south of Highway 84 East, the shop is between Jackson, MS, and New Orleans, LA.

  At Gardensong Fabrics, we're dedicated to providing you with a large variety of fresh fabrics to meet your creative needs, along with prompt shipping and attentive, personalized service.

~ Vivian


I'm Rebecca, the other half of Gardensong Fabrics. Vivian and I are sisters (we won't say who is older-LOL) and we have been sewing and crafting for most of our lives. After a long career as a public librarian, I retired and started a custom monogramming business which morphed into a fabric business. Along the way, I painted porcelain and made porcelain dolls (with custom dresses of course!), grew orchids, cross-stitched and crocheted. I love florals and classic designs. Vivian and I have totally different styles so we almost never buy the same fabrics which makes for some interesting collections. If there's something you would like to see us carry, please let us know. We love to find out what you are sewing and if we can be of assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.

~ Rebecca
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