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Benartex is a leading supplier of creative 100% designer cotton prints. Our goal is to provide a large selection of beautiful, fine quality cotton prints to the creative women and men worldwide who design and make quilts, crafts, wearable art, and home decorating items.
So truly Benartex is Fabric for quilters. By quilters.

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108 inch Wide Backings

Cat-i-tude by Benartex

Cat-i-tude Christmas by Benartex

Cat-i-tude II Purrfect Together by Benartex

Benartex Charms, Strips, & Layer Cakes

Bree by Benartex

Christmas/Winter Miscellaneous by Benartex

Colorama Bali II by Benartex

Florals by Benartex

Fossil Fern by Benartex

Home Grown by Benartex

Gradation Batiks

Shadow Mountain

Stone Cottage I & II by Benartex

Wave Texture



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Fresco Damask - Stripe

$4.00 $10.49