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Elizabeth's Studio, established in 2006, has quickly earned a reputation in the home quilting and sewing industry as an innovative producer of high quality cotton prints.

Our design staff, headed by Elizabeth, is gifted in discovering talented artists whose work has never before been presented on cloth. Skillful adaptation of their artwork into screen printed images is at the core of the popularity of Elizabeth's prints.

This combination of great artwork with careful attention to detail and gifted colorization has produced many prints with a long sales life.

Themes that have delighted our customers include landscapes, wildlife, pets, farm animals, sports, Native American designs and our famous "Fruit Ladies".

Elizabeth's Studio prints are sold to the retail trade through national and worldwide fabric distributors. Inquiries from manufacturers are also welcome. Customers' suggestions are always appreciated.

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Farm Animals

Hummingbird Bouquet

Landscape Medley


Wild Animals

Graphic Elegance

Tucson / Southwest


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Angels & Fairies - Yellow Metallic
Elizabeth's Studio

$6.00 $9.96

Elizabeth's Studio 112-WHI


Butterfly Garden - Black FQ
Elizabeth's Studio 4903-BLA


Butterfly Garden - Black
Elizabeth's Studio 4903-BLA


Cancer Awareness Ribbons
Elizabeth's Studio 407-PIN


In Motion Trucks - Black
Elizabeth's Studio 396-BLA


Jazz Notes - Multi
Elizabeth's Studio 295-MUL


Sparkle Metallic - White Silver
Elizabeth's Studio M409-WHI


Sparkle Pearl - Black FQ
Elizabeth's Studio 416-BLA


Sparkle Pearl - Black
Elizabeth's Studio 416-BLA


Sparkle Pearl - Red
Elizabeth's Studio P416-RED


Sparkle Pearl - Royal
Elizabeth's Studio 416-ROY


Sunbonnet Emma Floral Cream 477-CRE
Elizabeth's Studio

$10.96 $11.96