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In The Beginning

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In The Beginning was started in Seattle, Washington, as a retail store in 1977 by Sharon Evans Yenter. It was Sharon's goal to fill quilters' and crafters' need for high-quality cotton fabrics, classes, inspiration, and friendship. Over the years In The Beginning grew from a small 400-square-foot loft space into an over 6,000-square-foot quilters' paradise.
In 1996, a new division was added to the company and In The Beginning Fabrics was born. This new addition's purpose was to create beautiful and innovative cotton fabrics to be sold at independent fabric shops across the U.S.A. and around the world.
Today the company is run by Sharon's son Jason. In 2005, the decision was made to close the retail store and concentrate solely on creating fabrics. Both mother and son now spend the bulk of their time personally designing or working with other artists to design the twelve to fourteen collections the company produces each year, and all the books and free handouts published.


Bloom Modern

Color Movement

Color Theory


Dit Dot

Dit Dot Evolution by In The Beginning

Doodle Blossoms


Exotic Weave

Floragraphix III Batiks

Floragraphix IV Batiks

Floral Menagerie

Garden Delights

Garden Delights II

Hoopla and Everyday Fun

It's Christmas

Jolly Holiday & Jolly Holiday II


Modern Plaids & Solids

Ranunculus Florals

Return to Atlantis

Shibori Tonals

Texture Graphix

William & May


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Bohemian Manor Floral - Rose FQ
In The Beginning 2JYF-1


Abundance - Orange
In The Beginning

$6.00 $9.96

Arts & Crafts - Brown Links
In The Beginning

$6.00 $8.96

Arts & Crafts - Cream Links
In The Beginning

$6.00 $9.96

Arts & Crafts - Pink Squares FQ
In The Beginning

$1.50 $3.25

Arts & Crafts - Pink Squares
In The Beginning

$4.00 $10.50

Bohemian Manor Arcs - Ecru
In The Beginning 8JYF-4


Bohemian Manor Circles White
In The Beginning 6JYF-2


Bohemian Manor Floral - Rose
In The Beginning 2JYF-1


Butterfly Hollow - Stitched Swirls Blue
In The Beginning 7MCB-4

$6.00 $11.96

Exotic Spice - Blue 5LCF4
In The Beginning


Exotic Spice - Magenta 5LCF5
In The Beginning


Exotic Spice - White/ Black 5LCF7
In The Beginning


Geometric - Teal
In The Beginning 6JYF-1


Ocean - Blue 12JFF-1
In The Beginning


Ocean - Blue FQ 12JFF-1
In The Beginning


Ocean - Teal 12JFF-2
In The Beginning


Paradise - Orange Geo Blooms
In The Beginning 6JYB-1

$6.00 $10.50

Scroll - Taupe 7AH-11
In The Beginning

$4.00 $9.96