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Headquartered in the Knowledge Park district of Rock Hill, SC, Springs Creative is a global leader in innovations in textiles.

  • We seek what’s next now in the world of fabric, crafts, and finished products.
  • We hold creative licenses for a list of world class brands, as well as develop and manage our own.
  • We offer services spanning the creative and technical side of the supply chain, including sourcing, logistics, digital printing, product design, brand development, marketing, merchandising, and more.
  • We maintain a state-of-the-art facility and house truly unique assets in textiles (such as the Baxter Mill Archive).

We are the fulcrum of past and future in the world of textiles.


Christmas, Assorted


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Dog Days Panel
Springs Creative 65168-216


Dog Days Pillow Panel
Springs Creative 65166-216


Endless Summer Panel
Springs 47776-A62

$2.99 $4.98

Peppa Pig Happy Forest
Springs 64658-G55

$6.00 $9.96