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Keeping my patterns uniquely different, simple to follow, well illustrated and fun to sew forms the foundation of my pattern business.

My home studio is located in Strathroy, Ontario, Canada, and that's where everything is planned and takes shape.  In case you are wondering, the business is called Among Brenda's Quilts it's because my marmalade tabby Harry is always among or on top of my quilts while I'm working.  If you have a cat friend in your house you'll know what I mean!    

The rest of the ABQ team, besides Harry and me, consists of my dear husband Rob, incredibly talented son Paul and many friends.  They always come to my rescue when the work piles up.  I feel very fortunate to be able to share my patterns and ideas with you.  That's because I know that nothing would be possible without the support of you, my family and my friends.  

Thanks for shopping and happy sewing to you! 

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Storage Solution Bucket Bags
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