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Sweet Treasures has come about through a life long love of fabric and creating.  This love of fabric in combination with a new quilt shop opening near my home has blossomed into “Sweet Treasures”! 

The by line in the Sweet Treasures title,  “Quilts to treasure in your home” is really what this is all about.  I’ve always had a love of decorating.  I’m one of those who decorates for each season, with the intent of creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in my home.  Nothing can change the atmosphere quicker than a quilt!  No mater what your style of choice is, drape or hang a quilt with the mood you’re looking for and the room is transformed!

You will find I tend to design seasonal quilts and quilts to decorate with.  A lap quilt is perfect for the end of a bed, hanging on a wall, draping on a bench….and a square quilt is great on point thrown over a table or layered on the bed.  The quilts I make are to be used, loved, enjoyed, and shared!  I hope you will use, love, enjoy, and share your quilts also!

Happy Quilting~Terri

Terri Staats
Owner and Designer