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Creative Cosplay<br/>Amanda Haas 11372

Creative Cosplay: Sewing Costumes Way Beyond Basic
by Amanda Haas
Stash Books / C&T Publishing, softcover, 8"x10", 128 pages
An inspirational guide to sewing cosplay
Boldly enter the world of cosplay and gain the confidence to design the costume of your dreams! Award-winning cosplayer Amanda Haas helps you translate your ideas from fiction to reality as you research costumes, shop for fabrics, mash-up patterns, and present your cosplay at a competition. A gorgeous photo gallery will have you frantic to join the cosplay community, while the author's seasoned advice will give you the courage to take the first step. Bonus project: Sew a bum bag to carry your keys and other essentials to a con. Learn the art of making and wearing designer-quality costumes that will transform your persona.Turn fiction into fashion! A step-by-step guide to designing your own cosplayDive into the fun world of cosplay with the author's trusted adviceStep up your cosplay costumes with inspirational photos, techniques, and more.
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